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The North Korean PEOPLE are overcoming one of the greatest challenges facing humanity today.
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Thousands of people around the world are fundraising or donating right now to rescue North Korean refugees at risk of exploitation and capture.


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  • Young NKorean girls hold up signboards with the names of participating countries during an opening ceremony at the Songdowon International Children’s Camp, July 29, 2014. | Photo: AP

    NK NEWS BRIEF | July 31, 2014

    50 students from the prestigious “Pyongyang No.1 Middle School” died in a bus accident on the way to Songdowon Children’s Camp on the east coast....

  • “This is the living proof that North Koreans are strongly intent on learning about the outside world.” | Photo: NK News

    NK NEWS BRIEF | July 25, 2014

    On July 15-17, 29 defectors and six SKorean helpers were arrested in Qingdao and Kunming in China. ROK MOFA pledged to make all diplomatic efforts to prevent repatriation. Amongst the d...