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Thousands of people around the world are fundraising or donating right now to rescue North Korean refugees at risk of exploitation and capture.


  • 5_fundraising_tips

    5 Tips for Fundraising Your Trip

      Summit will bring North Korean and international millennials together to create solutions for the future. It’s an unparalleled event and you NEED to be there. $200 will get you full access to everything at Summit, but if you’re struggling to cover the cost, check out these 5 tips for fundraising your trip: 1. SIGN […]

  • speaker_thumbnail_yeonmi

    Summit Speaker — Yeonmi Park

    Yeonmi Park enjoyed a rich lifestyle by North Korean standards for much of her life

  • A year after a foreign competitor won the PY marathon, NKorean Pak Chol triumphed on Sunday | Photo: NK News

    NK NEWS BRIEF | April 16, 2014

    NK’s finance minister reported details of NK’s budget over the last year: PY allocated 45.2% of its budget to “economic construction,” while funding for national defense was 16%.

  • speaker_thumbnail

    Summit Speaker — Joo Yang

    Joo Yang is a game changer—A millennial who grew up in a NEW North Korea. Joo Yang had to stay behind when her parents escaped North Korea in 2007 and 2008. Living alone, she worked making Korean taffy, sweet rice drinks, and alcohol to sell in the private market. Her parents always found a way […]

  • summitThumb

    Everything you need to know about Summit

    We’re super excited to invite you to Summit! This two-day event will bring together students and North Korean millennials

  • A birthday party for a 100 year old NKorean lady. Private food delivery businesses are emerging to cater for such events held by wealthier NKoreans. | Photo: Yonhap

    NK NEWS BRIEF | April 10, 2014

    NK has named a former ambassador to Switzerland, Ri Su-yong, as its new foreign minister. Ri is believed to have served as a guardian of KJU when he studied in Switzerland in the 1990s.

  • NKorean defector Han Jin-beom, right, poses with his SKorean friend Kim Min-sung to take a picture of them using a tablet | Photo: Associated Press

    NK NEWS BRIEF | April 2, 2014

    The percentage of NKoreans who are buying their own home through property brokers – as opposed to waiting for the government to assign one – is growing rapidly, causing prices to rise.

  • kevin_nomad

    Get to know Kevin

    I first got involved with LiNK after attending a benefit concert hosted by the Rescue Team on my college campus.

  • blog_nomad_thumbnail_calwest

    Life as a Nomad | Inspiring a movement

    My teammates and I have made so many meaningful connections because of chance occurrences.

  • reddit_thumbnail

    Reddit AMA with Sokeel Park

    Our Director of Research & Strategy, Sokeel Park, recently conducted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit.

  • seung_ha_thumbnail

    Meet Seung Ha

    Seung Ha’s first thoughts of escape began when her parents discouraged her dreams to study singing and the arts.

  • A specimen from the new fleet of Pyongyang taxis. There are now reportedly over 1000 taxis in PY | Photo: Choson Exchange

    NK NEWS BRIEF | March 26, 2014

    An increasing number of NK factories and enterprises are leasing out parcels of farmland to private individuals to increase production.

  • North Korean women wearing colorful dresses on a street in central Pyongyang | Photo: AFP

    NK NEWS BRIEF | March 20, 2014

    NK authorities warned residents in border areas that market prices are “state secrets”, so any information shared with the outside world will result in harsh punishment.

  • yoo_kyung_thumbnail-191x191

    Meet Yoo Kyung

    Yoo Kyung had the fortune of growing up in a middle-class family in North Korea.

  • blog_nomad_thumbnail

    Life as a Nomad | Changing my perspective

    In a flurry of state lines, leftover pizza, breathtaking scenery, early mornings, and ice storms, my first two weeks as a nomad have come and gone.


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