We rescue North Korean refugees through a 3,000-mile underground railroad to safety and freedom.


We rescue and work side by side with North Korean refugees because they have emerged as some of the most effective agents of change on this issue.

Watch the video to meet Buhueng, a resettled North Korean who attends Columbia University.

The North Korean people are overcoming one of the greatest challenges facing humanity today. We work with the people to accelerate change.

Refugee Rescues
We rescue North Korean refugees and bring them to freedom and safety through a 3,000-mile journey. After a rescue, we provide crucial support to refugees in their resettlement.
Refugee Empowerment
We work side by side with resettled North Koreans to invest in the long-term ambitions, potential, and strength of the North Korean people.
Changing the Narrative
We are changing the way the world sees North Korea, so the people get the international support that they deserve. People over politics.

Your donation will help more North Korean refugees reach freedom and safety.