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Can fund the 3,000-mile rescue journey and critical resettlement assistance for a North Korean refugee.


Can provide personal development classes for arriving North Korean refugees.


Can provide college textbooks and student fees for a resettled North Korean student for a year.


Can provide medical treatment and exams for newly-arriving refugees.

Your donation can change the lives of North Korean refugees by providing rescues and resettlement support.

405 North Korean refugees have been rescued.

Thousands of North Korean refugees have escaped their country, but are now at risk of exploitation & capture because they cannot afford the 3,000-mile journey to safety. Refugees face sex and labor exploitation in China because of their illegal status. If refugees are captured and repatriated, they face severe punishment.

Over 76 trafficked women have been rescued.

In China, female North Korean refugees not only have to hide from authorities hunting them down, but from sex traffickers too. Many women have been bought and sold as brides. Through our Refugee Rescues Program, we have helped over 76 North Korean women who had been trafficked.

More than 185 individuals have been reunited with their families.

Due to the risk involved in crossing the border and severity of the situation in North Korea, many North Korean familes are seperated. Through our Refugee Rescues Program, over 185 individuals have been reunited with their families.

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