Be the reason she reaches freedom



Together, we can fund the rescue of 50 more North Korean refugees this year.

This holiday season there are North Korean refugees ready to make the dangerous journey to freedom. They’ve already risked their lives to escape North Korea but are now trapped in China. They need rescue, they need you.

You can help.

It costs $3,000 to rescue a refugee. Every dollar you give this holiday season goes directly to helping a North Korean reach freedom through our secret rescue routes. Here is undercover footage of what their journey will look like.

Immediate support you can provide now

Basic Rescue Needs


Provides food, clothing, and other basic necessities during a refugee’s journey to safety.



Covers the cost to transport a refugee, our partners, and staff during the 3,000-mile journey to freedom.

One Rescue


Funds the entire rescue of a North Korean refugee.

100% of your donation will help a North Korean refugee reach freedom.

Be the reason

This holiday season you can help another person reach freedom

Your donation will help more North Korean refugees reach freedom and safety.