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North Koreans who flee their country can be captured, returned, and tortured. We can help.

Donate to help North Korean refugees reach freedom through a 3,000-mile modern-day underground railroad.

North Koreans are risking their lives to escape across the border into China, but even there they are not safe. Chinese authorities seek out, capture, and send refugees back to North Korea. When North Koreans are forcibly returned they can be subject to brutal punishments by the regime.


This is why we are on the ground helping North Korean refugees escape out of China. We provide rescues through a 3,000-mile modern-day underground railroad through China and into Southeast Asia. Once out of China, refugees can resettle to safe and free countries like South Korea or the United States.

How rescue funds are used

Basic Needs

Funds to provide food, clothing, and other necessities during their journey to safety.


The cost to transport the refugee, partners, and staff during the 3,000-mile journey.


The cost to provide shelter for the refugee and our staff along the journey.

Rescue Fees

This includes all costs for fines, fees, and the network of partners and staff in the underground to bring the refugee to safety.


Funds set aside for emergencies and unforeseen expenses on the journey. Any unused amount is rolled into the budget for another rescue.

Resettlement Assistance & Empowerment

Funds to help resettled North Koreans reach their full potential through our Resettlement Assistance and Empowerment Programs.

100% of your donation funds our work.

Your donation will help more North Korean refugees reach freedom and safety.