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Your donation will fund refugee rescues, bringing North Korean refugees to safety and freedom through a 3,000 mile modern day underground railroad.

Your donation will empower and support resettled North Korean refugees with one to one counseling, education, and leadership training, enabling refugees to thrive in their new lives.

Your donation will focus the world’s attention on the North Korean people. You’ll empower North Koreans and outsiders to share the reality of the situation and shift their focus from the politics to the people.

North Korean refugees are one of the greatest forces of change on this issue.

Commit to supporting the people and accelerating change in North Korea.



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  • Da-Hea An
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  • Elinore Carrasco
  • Frank Uchalik
  • Graham Mainds
  • Hale Burnside, M.D.
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  • Stephen Smith
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  • Sungbo Shim
  • Tim Poole
  • Victor Perrin
  • Wes White
  • Youngok Park
  • Yunjoo Lim

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In one year, you will provide basic needs for refugees making the 3,000 mile rescue journey. This includes clothing, food, and transportation along the journey.

Give $25 / Month

In one year, you will provide crucial support and tools necessary for North Koreans to thrive in their resettlement.

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In one year, you will fund the rescue of a North Korean refugee, helping them reach safety and freedom.

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100% of your donations fund our programs: Refugee Rescues, Resettlement Assistance, Empowerment Programs, and Changing the Narrative.

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