The Jangmadang Generation - Liberty in North Korea


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The North Korean millennial generation has emerged as the greatest force of change North Korea has ever seen. The future of North Korea will increasingly be shaped by their creativity, energy, and ambitions.

North Korean society has undergone a quiet transformation since the 1990s famine that cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and changed the relationship between the people and their government. North Korea's urban youth in particular are at the forefront of these economic and information trends, and The Jangmadang Generation is the first documentary to share their perspectives, experiences, and hopes with an international audience. Through interviews with eight young North Korean defectors we hear amazing stories of resilience, creativity and quiet rebellion in the most difficult of circumstances. See how teenage smugglers, covert entrepreneurs, guerrilla marketing, and illegal foreign media have opened the eyes of a new generation of North Koreans to the outside world.