• Meet This Summer’s Rescue Teams Interns!

    July 6, 2016

    Our summer 2016 Rescue Teams interns are a passionate bunch who are helping change the world one day at a time. Get to know them!...

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  • Rescue Teams Week Wrap-up

    April 26, 2016

    Last week, Rescue Teams from around the world did something every day to build this movement and fund refugee rescues. Our Rescue Teams have a collective goal to raise en...

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  • Rescue Team of the Month: Rowan College Rescue Team

    April 22, 2016

    This month we are featuring the Rowan College Rescue Team based in Sewell, New Jersey. Under the leadership of Susan Glenn, this team recently raised enough money to fund...

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  • Get to Know John, LiNK’s Director of Finance and Operations

    April 11, 2016

    John was first introduced to Liberty in North Korea in 2009 and became very passionate about helping the North Korean people. Though he didn’t join our staff until 2014...

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  • Rescue Team of the Month: LiNK University of Minnesota

    March 30, 2016

    Established in 2012, the University of Minnesota Rescue Team has been an essential force for change in their community, shifting the narrative on North Korea both on camp...

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  • 10 Reasons to Start a Rescue Team

    March 2, 2016

    Our Rescue Teams are an essential part of this movement. They work on their campuses and in their communities to change the narrative on North Korea and raise crucial fun...

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  • Unsung Superheroes: The Origin Stories of Our Spring Interns

    February 4, 2016

    With a lot of big things happening at LiNK, we’re excited to see how quickly our spring interns have adjusted to their roles. It’s been great getting to know these in...

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  • Win a Trip to South Korea with LiNK!

    December 14, 2015

    Next summer, a few lucky Rescues Teams will get the opportunity to see our work in action and meet the people you have helped reach safety and freedom. This month we are ...

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  • 5 Fall Fundraising Ideas to Boost Your Campaign

    October 20, 2015

    Nothing says it's autumn quite like carving pumpkins. Turn this staple activity of the Halloween season into a fundraiser by making it a competition and charging an entry...

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  • New Realizations: An Interview with Hae Ri

    October 15, 2015

    Hae Ri escaped from North Korea out of fear that she would be sent to a political prison camp for watching South Korean TV shows after it happened to her friend's family....

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  • People Can Tour: Meet the Southeast Nomads

    September 9, 2015

    In less than three weeks, Sarah, Kallie, and Will are going to take off from HQ and drive all the way across the country to share the stories of the North Korean people w...

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  • People Can Tour: Meet the CalWest Nomads

    September 2, 2015

    Yevin, Eslam, and Bridget have come to HQ from drastically different places and banded together in support of the North Korean people. In less than a month, they will be ...

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  • People Can Tour: Meet the Pacific Northwest Nomads!

    August 28, 2015

    Dani, Kyle, and Drake are preparing to travel along the West Coast as our Pacific Northwest Nomads this fall. They can't wait to share new stories from our North Korean f...

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  • The People Can Tour Launches in a Month!

    August 25, 2015

    From Romania to Egypt, and St. Louis to Long Island, this fall’s Nomad class brings a global perspective unlike any other and truly embodies the theme of this fall’s ...

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  • LiNK Behind the Scenes: Meet Our Fearless Interns

    April 16, 2015

    We have our biggest class of interns this spring, which just goes to show the ever growing movement of support for the North Korean people. Different people with differen...

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  • Mark Your Calendars! April 17th is TO: the North Korean People Day

    April 10, 2015

    The mainstream narrative on North Korea has created a huge barrier between the outside world and the North Korean people because of the focus on Kims and nukes. Through T...

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  • Forging Friendships: Arielle’s Experience as a Southeast Nomad

    April 8, 2015

    We have a really, really close class this spring. Nomads and interns alike chose to spend A LOT of time with one another while being trained at HQ. In the days leading up...

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  • Nomad Time: Kirstin’s Experience as a Great Plains Nomad

    March 18, 2015

    I want to talk to you all about something weird that's been going on since tour started. No one on my team quite understands it and it's starting to make us all feel a li...

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  • Our Favorite Videos TO: the North Korean People

    March 12, 2015

    Since launching TO: the North Korean People two weeks ago, we've seen messages of support come in from people all over the world. Videos have been recorded in the frigid ...

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  • Your Messages Are Already Being Sent into North Korea!

    February 27, 2015

    Voice of America, one of the broadcasters we have partnered with for TO: the North Korean People, has already sent some of your messages of support into the country, alon...

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  • TO: the North Korean People

    February 26, 2015

    In an age of instant mobile communication and worldwide social networks, North Korea remains a dead-spot of connectivity. The North Korean government intentionally isolat...

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  • Announcing the Shirt of the Month!

    February 19, 2015

    We’re excited to announce the Shirt of the Month, an all-new shirt series available now on the LiNK Shop! Every month, we’ll release a limited-edition t-shirt focu...

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  • Spring 2015: Meet the Southeast Nomads!

    February 18, 2015

    Meet this spring's Southeast Nomads! Laura, Arielle, and Kevin are joining forces to share the stories of the North Korean people and activate support for them from all o...

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  • Spring 2015: Meet the Pacific Northwest Nomads!

    February 11, 2015

    Say “hello” to this spring’s Pacific Northwest Nomads! Alyssa, Jake, and Elaine are raring to embark on their 10-week journey for the North Korean people. Their pas...

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  • Inspired to Help: A Q&A with Missy

    February 9, 2015

    Meet Missy! She’s just one of over 1000 fundraisers who stepped up to support the North Korean people during our last campaign. Missy raised $750 for Refugee Rescues, e...

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  • Where We Are and Where We’re Headed

    February 6, 2015

    Every fall we ask you to help us fund life-changing rescues for North Korean refugees, but our last campaign was special. We gathered together three of our North Korean f...

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  • Spring 2015: Meet the Great Plains Nomads!

    February 4, 2015

    This spring’s Great Plains Nomads are Travis, Kirstin, and Billy! Together they are an unstoppable team that will be traveling the Central United States in support of t...

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  • Fundraising for the Future: A Q&A with Sarah

    February 2, 2015

    Sarah, our Rescue Teams manager, started her 4th fundraising campaign last fall and was able to raise enough money to help a North Korean refugee reach freedom, bringing ...

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  • Spring 2015: Meet the Northeast Nomads!

    January 29, 2015

    Meet this spring’s Northeast Nomads! Alex, Will, and Amanda are working hard to bring the voices of the North Korean people to the Eastern United States and Canada. Ove...

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  • What Is LiNK’s Tour Program?

    January 26, 2015

    If I told you that for 10 weeks, 15 college-aged students would be traveling across North America in vans, sleeping on strangers’ couches, and sustaining on a combinati...

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  • Driven to Make a Difference: A Q&A with Billy

    January 23, 2015

    Every time North Korean refugees reach Southeast Asia through our Refugee Rescues Program, we're inspired by their courage, compassion, and hope for the future. They ofte...

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  • Spring 2015: Meet the CalWest Nomads!

    January 22, 2015

    Haley, Johny, and Yeji are getting ready to tour California this spring as our new CalWest Nomads! ...

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  • What Shin Dong-hyuk’s Revisions Mean for This Movement

    January 21, 2015

    Earlier this month, the Washington Post published an article revealing that our friend and prominent North Korean defector Shin Dong-hyuk had spoken with Blaine Harden, t...

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  • A Sincere Thank You to Our Hosts on Tour from a Pacific Northwest Nomad

    December 8, 2014

    "It's that one, with the bikes. No, you just passed it. Yeah, that one." I park and repark while the girls get started collecting sleeping gear from the back of the van. ...

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  • 200 Rescues Campaign Update: Halfway Point Reached!

    December 5, 2014

    We've raced past the halfway mark to raise the funds for our campaign to bring 200 North Korean refugees to freedom! To celebrate this milestone, our CEO & President Hann...

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  • The Kindness of Strangers by Tom (Southeast Nomad)

    November 25, 2014

    In our normal lives, talking to strangers is...well...strange. It’s unusual to share a table with somebody at Starbucks and strike up a conversation. The first thing th...

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  • The Power of Narrative

    November 18, 2014

    Disempowering narratives affect people from all over the world who are seen as nothing more than their wars, their dictators, their disasters. Their problems. This is one...

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  • From Vienna to LA: Tatz’ Experience as a Cal West Nomad

    November 11, 2014

    I clearly remember the moment after I finally arrived from Vienna to LAX. I was picked up by our HR Manager Amiee, and she brought Tom, Natasha and I to the intern house....

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  • 200 Rescues Update: North Korean Refugees Already Rescued

    November 3, 2014

    These shoes belong to three North Korean refugees who were recently rescued with funds from our 200 Rescues Campaign....

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  • Fundraiser Spotlight: Take a Page from Bethany’s Book

    October 15, 2014

    As you know, we're in full force on our fall campaign, but we wanted to take a moment to focus on one of our incredible fundraisers—Bethany!...

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  • All about Our Study Abroad & Career Development Program

    September 12, 2014

    Most resettled North Koreans attend non-accredited alternative schools that typically can’t hire qualified English teachers, and they get little practice conversing wit...

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  • Breaking Down the Costs of Our Refugee Work

    September 10, 2014

    We’re continually inspired by the amazing people around the world stepping up to help fund Refugee Rescues. When people learn about our work, it’s one of the first pr...

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  • Get to Know Our Tour Manager Chelsea!

    September 4, 2014

    Hi! My name is Chelsea and I’m the tour manager at LiNK. I'm from South Florida and never imagined living on the west coast, but now that I’m here I can’t imagine e...

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  • Get to Know the Fall 2014 Great Plains Nomads!

    August 25, 2014

    George, Michele, Julie, and Natasha are this fall's Great Plains Nomads! They're getting ready to visit communities all over North America where they'll share Joo Yang, Y...

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  • Get to Know the Fall 2014 CalWest Nomads!

    August 19, 2014

    Say "hello!" to Charlie, Tatjana, and Christine, the CalWest Nomads this fall! They're getting ready to tour California where they'll share Joo Yang, Yeonmi, and Joseph's...

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  • Get to Know the Fall 2014 PNW Nomads!

    August 18, 2014

    Meet Marissa, Laine, and Billy, the Pacific Northwest Nomads this fall! They're getting ready to tour LiNK's new event, sharing Joo Yang, Yeonmi Park, and Joseph Kim's vo...

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  • VIDEO: From Orphan to the TED Stage – Joseph Kim

    August 14, 2014

    Joseph Kim was like most kids growing up; he played outside, climbed trees, and loved his big sister, who he often relied on for guidance and care when his mother was aw...

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  • VIDEO: Why the U.S. Government Can’t Find the Solution for North Korea – Sue Mi Terry

    August 7, 2014

    Former CIA analyst Sue Mi Terry goes into detail on the difficulty of dealing with North Korea from the perspective of high politics....

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  • VIDEO: Nat Kretchun Gets Nerdy about North Korea

    July 31, 2014

    Nat Kretchun is the nerdiest guy on media and technology trends in North Korea. He has worked extensively with North Korean refugees and defectors to study the effects of...

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  • VIDEO: How Foreign Media Changed My Life – Joo Yang

    July 24, 2014

    While growing up in North Korea, Joo Yang would listen to foreign broadcasts on an illegal radio with her family. They listened to broadcasts from Voice of America, Radio...

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  • VIDEO: North Korea’s Change Generation – Sokeel Park

    July 17, 2014

    Sokeel Park has developed new insight about the millennial generation in North Korea through his work with North Korean defectors. ...

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  • All about Our English Tutoring & Cultural Exchange Program

    July 11, 2014

    North Korean defectors face many challenges once they resettle in South Korea, but one that may surprise you is the English language barrier. English classes are required...

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  • VIDEO: I Am a North Korean Millennial – Yeonmi Park

    July 10, 2014

    Yeonmi Park escaped from North Korea in 2007. Two years later, she arrived in South Korea with her family after traveling through the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. Yeonmi has ...

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  • The Summit Experience

    July 8, 2014

    Summit brought people together from all over the globe to work on one of the greatest issues facing humanity today. Through sessions, labs, and activities, participants h...

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  • Summit in Under 3 Minutes (Video)

    July 3, 2014

    We were blown away by what happened at Summit and what it started. Over 200 incredible people, ranging in age from 14 to 77, came from all over the world to work with and...

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  • Get to Know Joe

    June 25, 2014

    After hearing various North Koreans recount their experiences (such as that unforgettable interview video of Mr. Shin Dong-hyuk), I was left speechless. Their struggles t...

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  • We’re Liveblogging Summit!

    June 13, 2014

    We're liveblogging Summit all weekend! No need to refresh. This blog instantly updates, so you won't miss a thing. Stay tuned for speaker quotes, photos, and more....

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  • What You’ll Learn at Summit

    May 29, 2014

    You know the who, when, and where of Summit, but you've certainly developed a curiosity about the what. Well, here it is: the details on what our Summit speakers will be ...

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  • Wear Your LiNK Shirt Day 2014

    May 27, 2014

    It was awesome to see so many people participate in Wear Your LiNK Shirt Day this year! Here are a few of our favorite photos from the event.     Sarah and Kayl...

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  • Performer Spotlight: David Choi

    April 30, 2014

    David Choi is a singer-songwriter from Anaheim, California who's songs have been featured on major television networks, including MTV, Disney, NBC, and FOX. David gained ...

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  • Eat Your Kimchi Q & A

    April 30, 2014

    We had the opportunity to ask Simon and Martina of Eat Your Kimchi a few questions in preparation for Summit. Check it out their answers below....

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  • Speaker Spotlight: Joseph Kim

    April 25, 2014

    You may remember Joseph Kim from his TED talk—a talk that was viewed over one million times. Joseph grew up during the famine in North Korea. ...

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  • The Power of Students

    April 25, 2014

    10 years ago, a small group of students came together to make progress on an issue that they felt was not getting enough attention—the human rights abuses happening in ...

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  • Summit Spotlight: Eat Your Kimchi

    April 24, 2014

    Simon and Martina of Eat Your Kimchi are Internet wizards & they're coming to Summit! With sincere communication and a sense of humor, Simon and Martina Stawski cultivate...

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  • 5 Tips for Fundraising Your Trip

    April 22, 2014

      Summit will bring North Korean and international millennials together to create solutions for the future. It’s an unparalleled event and you NEED to be there. It...

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  • Life as a Nomad – Uniting for This Cause

    April 18, 2014

    Everyone dreams of a whirlwind adventure that changes their life—whether it’s through travel, making once-in-a-lifetime friends, or dropping everything to pursue a wi...

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  • Summit Speaker — Yeonmi Park

    April 16, 2014

    Yeonmi Park enjoyed a rich lifestyle by North Korean standards for much of her life...

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  • Summit Speaker — Joo Yang

    April 11, 2014

    Joo Yang is a game changer—A millennial who grew up in a NEW North Korea. Joo Yang had to stay behind when her parents escaped North Korea in 2007 and 2008. Living alon...

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  • Everything You Need to Know about Summit

    April 10, 2014

    We’re super excited to invite you to Summit! This two-day event will bring together students and North Korean millennials...

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  • Dennis Rodman Is LiNK’S Newest Nomad

    April 1, 2014

      April 1, 2014 — Los Angeles, CA — Dennis Rodman, former professional basketball player and self-described “friend for life” to North Korean dict...

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  • Get to Know Kevin

    March 27, 2014

    I first got involved with LiNK after attending a benefit concert hosted by the Rescue Team on my college campus. ...

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  • Life as a Nomad | Inspiring a Movement

    March 27, 2014

    My teammates and I have made so many meaningful connections because of chance occurrences....

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  • Life as a Nomad | Changing My Perspective

    March 14, 2014

    In a flurry of state lines, leftover pizza, breathtaking scenery, early mornings, and ice storms, my first two weeks as a nomad have come and gone....

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  • A Message from the Field—Celebrating Freedom!

    March 14, 2014

    Before they begin the resettlement process, the North Koreans we assist enjoy a farewell ceremony with cake and candles....

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  • Our Friend Tim Is Doing Amazing Things!

    February 12, 2014

    Tim was three years old when his father died of starvation. After years of scraping by, he and his mother escaped to China to search for food....

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  • Get to Know Sarah!

    February 6, 2014

    Everyone has a LiNK story about how they got involved and I’m excited for the opportunity to share mine with you. ...

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  • Do You Know about Sir Nicholas Winton?

    February 5, 2014

    He rescued over 600 Jewish children from the fate of internment in Nazi concentration camps. Many of these children went on to do great things in the countries where they...

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  • A Message from the Field!

    January 23, 2014

    I've been one of the few lucky members of LiNK’s staff able to participate directly in our rescue missions, and it's been an experience like none other....

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  • I’m a Nomad for Life!

    December 3, 2013

    Judy has been on the road for the past 9 weeks touring the southeastern part of North America and wanted to share what it's like to be a Nomad!...

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  • #GivingTuesday

    December 2, 2013

    Join us this #GivingTuesday and help fund ONE live-saving rescue....

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  • We Just Completed Another Rescue Mission!

    October 17, 2013

    Thanks to your support we were able to bring another 17 refugees to freedom....

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  • I Love North Korea and So Should You!

    July 3, 2013

    We all know why people are challenged by this statement. The current perception of North Korea is completely politicized. It is about crazy dictators and nuclear weapons....

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  • RESCUE UPDATE | June 9, 2013

    June 9, 2013

    We are rescuing 100 refugees this year! Help make that possible....

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    May 21, 2013

    Last week our CEO, Hannah Song, was invited to speak at the Oslo Freedom Forum among some of the most inspiring dissidents and activists working on issues around the glob...

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    November 16, 2012

    Are you in a band... youth group... chess club... and want to change the world? Awesome! Check out Rescue Teams....

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    November 2, 2012

    The Roberts family was recently exposed to the plight of the North Korean people and their children were moved to action....

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    October 30, 2012

    I can’t believe we’ve been on the road for over a month already!...

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    October 19, 2012

    If you haven’t noticed already, LiNK's image recently got a makeover, so we thought we would share some thoughts behind the design....

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    September 6, 2012

    Get to know our nomads who will be bringing SHIFT to a town near you this fall!...

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    August 27, 2012

    I just used the phrase “jazz cat.” ... Am I part of the solution?...

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    July 19, 2012

    101 refugees have been rescued & are now living in freedom thanks to your support. We did it!...

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    July 17, 2012

    Your creativity and impact during The Reliance campaign caught the attention of the largest philanthropic awards ceremony in the country....

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    July 13, 2012

    Six Chapter representatives joined LiNK on a trip to South Korea, and met the refugees whose rescues they made possible....

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    July 10, 2012

    It's here! Check out what we've been able to accomplish with your support! ...

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    July 2, 2012

    In case you haven't been following the story of Ai Weiei, let him inspire you by watching the trailer for "NEVER SORRY"...

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    June 27, 2012

    We here at LiNK just wanted to give a shout-out and show some love to Levi Ammundsen, an amazing supporter of ours....

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    June 20, 2012

    Check out this radical "book burning" campaign that inspired our creative team today....

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  • SCREENING HIGHLIGHT | Homeless But Generous

    May 19, 2012

    We truly do live in a world that’s upside down, at least in the way that I see it....

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    May 12, 2012

    Ken is all the way from South Korea and has brought the joy of dance to our HQ office....

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    May 4, 2012

    The New School was kind enough to donate Tishman Auditorium, a 480 seat theater in the heart of the city so that we could share our new documentary with our New York frie...

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