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In 2010, LiNK launched our RESCUE PROGRAM with the goal of rescuing 100 North Korean refugees. Although LiNK had rescued several refugees prior to 2010, this was the first year we established our rescue networks and asked YOU to fund the $2500 (We've since updated this number to $3000 to include resettlement support. Read about the change here.) it costs to bring an individual to safety and freedom through the 3,000 mile underground railroad through China, into Southeast Asia. Learn WHY and HOW we rescue North Korean refugees here.

Yoon Hui was sold as a bride to a man in China. One day, while her husband was at work, she fled and met with LiNK. She is now living in safety and freedom in South Korea, where no man can own her.


Eun Hae escaped to China at the age of 19 with the hopes of being able to send money and food back to her family in North Korea. She is now living in safety and freedom in the United States.

Min Sung
“I sincerely want to thank everyone who has generously supported me and every other North Korean who hopes for freedom, but is still on their journey.”
With a massive increase in fundraising efforts by our supporters, 58 North Korean refugees were brought to safety and freedom in 2011. In just two years of the RESCUE PROGRAM, 80 life-changing rescues were completed, reuniting families, providing a way out of exploitation and abuse, and allowing North Koreans to fulfill their human potential in freedom.

After her rescue and resettlement in South Korea, Jin Young passed her nursing assistant exam in 2013.


Brian is in university where he finds his classes interesting because they challenge his beliefs. He is working hard to improve his English because he wants to write about North Korea as a journalist in the future.

With small and large acts of bravery and kindness from those around Minji, she has been saved from her life as an orphan on the streets of North Korea and is now safe and free to be a playful little girl, with a loving (and large!) family, surrounded by people who will continue to empower her for years to come.
In 2011 we launched an online fundraising platform, increasing our ability to fund rescues. These amazing supporters have made rescues possible by fundraising online.
Donna, Michael, and their two-year-old daughter Isabel were rescued together in 2011. They are all now safe and free to pursue their own dreams and ambitions.
In 2012, North Korean refugees faced an unprecedented increase in efforts by the North Korean and Chinese authorities to crack down on refugee rescue routes, motivated in part by power transitions in both countries. Despite these increased challenges, we were able to safely bring 40 North Korean refugees through the risky and treacherous 3,000 mile underground railroad to freedom.

Nae Rae was rescued in 2012 and was able to reunite with her mother in South Korea in 2013. She has enrolled in English language and other classes so that she can attend university and continue her studies.


Jung Soo waited more than 60 years for freedom. After her brave escape, she was forced to hide in China for a decade, where she was sold into a forced marriage and imprisoned before she was finally connected with LiNK and rescued.

Young Joo
“I am always thankful for all I have been able to achieve because of LiNK’s support. I am also inspired by LiNK's supporters who are moved by my story and want to support the North Korean people.”
Ae Ra is a talented musician who was sold to a man in China after her brave escape from North Korea. She had a baby girl with this man and shortly after was connected with LiNK. Ae Ra and her daughter were rescued together and now Ae Ra controls her own life, without the fear of another man owning her. Read more.
This year, we greatly increased our peer-to-peer online fundraising efforts, allowing us to double the number of life-changing rescues compared to the year before. In 2013, we shared how North Korean refugees are building a bridge to North Korea, increasing the PEOPLE’s potential to drive change inside their country. Learn more about the Bridge to North Korea.

Ga Yeon was born in North Korea, but is now on her way to a new life in freedom where she will have the chance to fulfill her human potential.


Ji Young left North Korea in search of food, but once she arrived in China she was sold as a bride to a Chinese man. Just as she was ready to give up hope, she was rescued and now lives in freedom!

“I am always thankful for everyone who supported me in big and small ways. I would like to thank you so much for supporting North Koreans' escape to here (South Korea) and thank you in advance for all the support that will happen in the future.”
In 2013, Marie Claire featured a story about Donna, from her life in North Korea to her rescue and resettlement in the United States.
Youngest and oldest rescued refugees in 2013!

To the left, Ji Hyung, who escaped North Korea at just over one year old with SIX of his family members. To the right, Dae Jung, who was rescued at 72-years-young!
In 2014, we are hoping to conduct 100 life-changing rescues. You can help us reach this goal by donating to our rescue fund. Providing an individual’s rescue and resettlement support costs $3000 and every dollar you give will help bring another refugee to freedom.
These people and groups have either donated or fundraised the $2500 it takes to bring an individual to freedom.

(In 2014, we updated this number to $3000 to include resettlement support.
Read about the change here.)
Student Groups
  • UCSD
  • USD
  • UT Austin
  • USC
  • Glen A Wilson High School
  • Watchung Hills Regional HS
  • Grand Valley State University
  • UC Berkeley
  • Portland LiNK
  • The Hotchkiss School
  • UIUC
  • Calvin College
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • UCLA
  • Syracuse University
  • UNC Chapel Hill
  • UC Riverside
  • Wesleyan University
  • Worchester Academy
  • Central High School
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Auckland International College
  • SDA Conference
  • University of Oregon
  • Pepperdine University
  • Korean American Hope Foundation
  • Seoul Rescue Team
  • Cheongju Community
  • Shaun Park
  • Jonah Peretti & Andrea Harner
  • Haejin Baek
  • Bruce Kim
  • Ki Hong Lee
  • Blaine Vess
  • Todd and Carolyn Burns
  • Doug and Christine Metzler
  • Esther Kim
  • Wadad Fluhr
  • Kyung Yoon Moon
  • April Erickson
  • Michele Dudley
  • Francine Kim
  • Meredith Birrittella
  • David and Susan Brindle
  • Ryan Peterson
  • Melissa Ko & Doug Hahn
  • Hugo & Julia Marx
  • Chris Thurlow
  • Stephen Erich
  • John Randolph
  • Anya Harrison
  • Stephanie Nguyen
  • Linda Weis
  • Seth Mitchell
  • Joyce Yeo
  • Edward Chung
  • Kyu H. Lee
  • Bethany Mandel
Religious Institutions
  • Hoboken Grace
  • Metro Community Church
  • RockHarbor
  • Bethany WELL Church
  • Grace Ministries International
  • Basileia Church
  • New Hope LA
  • Moravian Church
  • Westside Ministries
  • One Family Chapel
  • Duraleigh Presbyterian
  • Knoxlife Church
  • Faith Christian Community
  • Light of Jesus Mission Church
  • Southland Christian Church
  • Tacoma Presbyterian Church
  • Korean Church of Boston
  • Swipe For Humanity
  • Sevenly
  • CaseCrown
  • SG Foundation
Donate to a rescue.

Donate to a rescue. 100% goes towards an individual's rescue & resettlement support.