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Danny From North Korea

30 MIN. This is Danny’s story; from the challenges of his life in North Korea, to his brave escape to China and his resettlement in the United States.

The People’s Crisis

54 MIN. The real crisis in North Korea is not about its reclusive leaders or its nuclear weapons — it is about 24 million people living under the most ruthless system of political oppression ever assembled by humankind.



The People’s History

4 MIN. In order to best understand the current situation in North Korea, you must first understand the history behind it.

The North Korean Refugee Crisis

3 MIN. There are an estimated 30,000 North Korean refugees in China, living in a precarious and sometimes desperate situation. They fear harsh punishment or even death if they are caught and sent back to North Korea.



Bridge to North Korea

4 MIN. North Korean refugees are building a bridge to North Korea, increasing the people’s potential to drive change inside their country.

SHIFT North Korea

4 MIN. SHIFT is a movement to change public perception on North Korea. Our message is simple: It’s about the PEOPLE, not the politics.



Changing North Korea

19 MIN. LiNK CEO Hannah Song speaks at TEDx Tripoli. Change in North Korea is not impossible, but inevitable. Not produced by LiNK.

6 Reasons North Korea will be free in our lifetime.

13 MIN. LiNK CEO Hannah Song speaks at the Oslo Freedom Forum. The North Korean people will achieve their liberty in our lifetime; here are 6 reasons why. Not produced by LiNK.

How to Solve a Problem like North Korea

7 MIN. Sokeel Park, LiNK Director of Research & Strategy, speaks on the TED@Seoul stage. Not produced by LiNK.

Joseph Kim @ TED

14 MIN. Joseph Kim talks about hope, his life in North Korea, his escape and his new life. Joseph was one of the first North Korean refugees LiNK was able to rescue. Not produced by LiNK.

Hyeonseo Lee @ TED

12 MIN. Hyeonseo escaped North Korea aged 14, only to live a life in hiding as a refugee in China. She speaks about her life in North Korea, her escape, and the stranger who changed her life. Not produced by LiNK.

Shin Dong-hyuk’s Odyssey

12 MIN. Author of “Escape from Camp 14” Blaine Harden speaks about Shin Dong-hyuk’s life and his escape from a political prison camp in North Korea, where he had lived for the first 23 years of his life. Not produced by LiNK.